As the work week comes to a close, it’s natural to want to unwind and settle in for a relaxing weekend. But many of us may find ourselves ditching our usual healthy lifestyle and diet regimens and splurging on the weekend—which may undo the hard work we committed to all week. Worry not, Friday lovers: You can treat yourself during the weekend without overindulging. Check out these Real Health tips:

  • Relaxing on the couch is just one way to enjoy your weekend. Take a break from your daily exercise routine—but still remain active—by going out and exploring the touristy areas of your hometown.
  • Swap high-calorie mixed drinks for lower-calorie drinks like wine, and try to limit your overall alcohol intake. Besides adding calories, alcohol lowers the amount of fat your body burns because it burns the alcohol first.
  • Healthy, fruit-filled desserts can mean more than “fruit salads.” With a little extra time and imagination, you can create tasty treats that won’t break your diet (think fresh fruit kebabs with lemon-lime dip). For recipes, visit