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ViiV Launches $10M Initiative to Fight HIV Among Black MSM

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Reggie Dunbar II

Poz VETS USA INTL SUPPORTS & SHARES. Thanks ViiV for doing advocacy and not just talking it.

February 8, 2015 Atlanta

frederick wrIght

when I read this article I have to think then digest a few words to understand what is they are trying to communicate. Galxo,Smith,Kline group is 2.2 million a year in 2 cities to help Black Gay men not have AIDS or IV drug users get care to heal from AIDS. Baltimore being famous for the importing opitates from the poppy plants or black tar. I am thankful to Vivi for the efforts to help cure aids within the black gay communty and IV drug users in hope for them to be AIDS free. Yes,free indeed

February 6, 2015 jacksonville


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