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Trump Says We’re Ending AIDS and Curing Childhood Cancer Very Shortly [VIDEO]

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I remember back in the 1980’s when ALL conservative REUBLICAN “(c)hristians” welcomed AIDS as punishment for “sin” and left dying people without hope and in the dirt to die. AND I also remember “liberal” (c)hristians being stone SILENT as 10’s of thousands died a horrific death. I find this verbal diarrhea nauseating coming from Trump and his Republican voters. I left religion decades ago...the best thing I ever did.

August 16, 2019


his plan sounds like genocide upon people with AIDS since he’s less educated than a pre-schooler. The man is pure 666 evil!

August 8, 2019 Houston, TX USA home of Gordon Crofoot MD


You have to be a complete ignorant to believe this orangután that his administration has achieved this. He is just trying to claim the hard work of scientists through all these years and previous administrations. He is nothing but an ignorant POS who likes to take credit from what others have done in the previous years. This guy knows nothing about science, all he knows is to open his disgusting ugly mouth to create hate. Efff him!!

August 7, 2019


The interpretation of Trump's words are I'M GOING TO END TREATMENT FOR THESE TWO GROUPS!

August 7, 2019


wildside: you have to be kidding right? Trumpanzee has very little to do with what's happened with our wages, economy, etc. All the credit for that has to go to the last democratically elected President we've had, and that was Obama. Not the idiot's that's in there now. I'm more than positive that, unless you're a billionaire or even a millionaire, you've actually had any benefit out of this guy's presidency. Give me a break. When will you people learn that he doesn't care about you?

August 6, 2019


Yeah, he's also going to make the sunrise from west to east. Anyone who believes a word out of this despots mouth is as dumb as Trumpanzee. After everything he's done for the LGBTQ community, which equals to attempting to reverse any advance to our cause, why is POZ magazine giving this guy any press?

August 6, 2019


Pres Trump said it....we can rely on that! He did it with the economy, jobs, border, name it. The world is becoming a better place under his leadership!

August 6, 2019


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August 6, 2019 ATL

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