After many months of ponytails and head-hugging cover-ups that could cause hair breakage and hairline thinning, your tresses may need a little TLC to get back in the swing. Here’s how you can get healthy, bouncy hair before that first sunny summer day, according to AOL’s Black Voices.

Let’s be clear: Once a month, swap out your normal shampoo with a clarifying cleanser, followed by a hair detangler and a deep conditioning product. This should rid hair of any buildup that’s contributing to dull and lifeless locks.

Less is more: For increased hair movement, use less product. When strands are weighed down with moisturizer or oil, getting swingy hair can be tough. Simply trade in your heavy moisturizer for a super-light liquid leave-in that you can mist or scrunch into your hair. If you’re locked into using favorites, try getting by with just a pea-size amount of product every other day.

Get soft: Touch your hair. Does it feel hard or stiff? If it does, it probably won’t move and bounce. Soften textured and heavy-feeling hair with this home remedy: Add a tablespoon of sweet almond oil to your shampoo or deep conditioner. Use enough to make your hair feel soft to the touch.

Set yourself up: For long-lasting bounce, set hair on rollers or flexi rods. Or if you already do this, use rollers one size smaller than usual for extra bouncy curls. Remember to use a light liquid setting lotion and to pin the curls at night.

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