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Oklahoma Man With HIV Faces 7 Felony Charges, $1M Bail

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Well he will go away for life because of the 14 year old. I hope she doesn't sero-convert. Once again it's a repressive southern state that would rather preach the wrath of God than give sex ed to teenagers. Any women in the OK. state legislature should introduce a bill making it mandatory for all men from 12 years on up to get the HPV vaccine. If you don't and your wife or girlfriend develops cervical cancer then the unvaccinated would be charged with assault 'n battery with a deadly weapon too

March 21, 2012


Harsh sentence for HIV but to too light for child abuse what an idiot lock em up let em die

March 21, 2012 Austin


You say that is one stupid guy!

March 20, 2012 Sacramento


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