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Supreme Court to Hear HIV Case Involving CVS Pharmacy Program

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Pharmacy management CO’s are dangerous. I’ve lived this for 20 years working for fortune 500 companies at the VP level. I enlisted my employer’s help & Filed a complaint with the CA Board of pharmacy’s and got nowhere. I missed doses of medication & Paid out of pocket waiting for reimbursement until their systems could figure out my copayment; while I had a Nationally recognized specialty pharmacy less than a mile away. They are discriminatory and pose medical and financial hardship.

August 25, 2021 California


About 5 years ago, I went to the L.A. to visit my brother and sister-in-law. When I arrived there, I found that I was about to run out of my HIV meds. I called my doctor's office in San Mateo some 400+ miles north of where I was staying. I provided my doctor with the phone number of the pharmacy in La Cresenta, California. It was a CVS drug store. The pharmacy REFUSED to fill the prescription. I went to Walgren and that pharmacy filled my prescription with no trouble. I will never go to CVS.

July 17, 2021 Northern California

Kyle Longberry

LOL @ the guy who says we need to just shut up and accept this pharmacy. It literally took me five hours over three days to refill a script after my copay card “expired”. My copay company actually sent me a personalized note that the original card had never actually expired, this was all on Specialty. This pharmacy is a joke. Everyone who has dealt with them knows they’re a joke. Being forced to use them is wrong and being forced to use them just for having HIV is textbook discrimination

July 15, 2021 StL Mo

Yuri G.

First of all to Get-A-Life: If it does not make a difference which pharmacy to use then I should be able to us the pharmacy I want! So shut up with your nasty homophobic comment. This is more that an HIV discrimination. It is a big corporate attempt across the country to kill small business - private pharmacies. Big Insurance companies together with employers are in a consistent effort to wipe out small, often family-run, pharmacies in cities big and small. Just look around your neighborhood.

July 14, 2021 New York City


I have BCBS and depending which plan I choose, I can only use the mail order or CVS. The problem with their mail order is I then cannot use my manufacture copay card where they will pay my copay. Of course this is a lousy federal plan which regular commercial plans never had that stipulation before. It may not be discrimination but it sucks when you can't decide if you want mail order or a local pharmacy even when your using their preferred provider.

July 14, 2021


I went through that process. CVS service is terrible. Meds arenot always available. Health insurance pay for what they want and disrigards the doctors recomendations. Same happens with insuline. They keep changing it affecting my health by forcing me to try cheeper meds for savings purposes.

July 13, 2021 Maryland


This is ridiculous. There is no discrimination here just whiney malcontent bores. What difference does it make which pharmacy where you get the meds? There is a CVS on every corner. When was the last time you saw what somebody was picking up at the pharmacy? Nobody cares. Being ashamed of yourself just continues the stigma against us. You want the cheap price but with your rules. And..ummm...really you are worried about being poz in San Francisco?

July 13, 2021


When I was on ADAP, I hated being forced to use CVS. They would call me to come pick-up my meds, I'd drive 10 miles, and then learn they had only 1 of multiple prescriptions ready and claimed waiting on the state for requested info or on drug companies to deliver. I called corporate several times to no avail. A few times I arrived to find out they had called in error and had none of my meds ready!

July 13, 2021 Jacksonville, Florida

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