Unlike your skin, hair can’t burn, blister or develop cancer from the strong rays of the sun. But sun exposure can damage your treasured tresses. Here are some tips on how to avoid this natural disaster from Hollywood dermatologist and dailyglow.com columnist Jessica Wu, MD.

To protect hair from damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, use color-extending or anti-breakage products. (Think leave-in conditioners, hair gels and styling creams that coat each strand more evenly.) Shampoos and rinse-off conditioners aren’t effective because they are rinsed out of the hair. This goes for sunscreen hair sprays and mists too. These styling aids can’t coat the hair evenly without making it too wet or greasy.

Also, if you part your hair or if its fine or thinning, remember to put sunscreen on the scalp. What’s recommended? Gel formula sunscreens evaporate more quickly and are less likely to make your hair look oily.

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