Thanks to a new social marketing campaign, spreading the word about “Undetectable Equals Untransmittable” (“U=U”) just got a lot easier. U=U is the proven principle that people living with HIV who take meds as prescribed and maintain a suppressed viral load cannot sexually transmit the virus.

U=U has been a life-changing message for many people living with HIV. Prevention Access Campaign (PAC) launched the “+series” (Positive Series) campaign to help HIV organizations, health departments and individuals share the U=U message.

At the heart of the +series campaign are four first-person videos, beautifully illustrated by four artists. “The +series educates about U=U through evocative images and stories that touch on issues of stigma, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, depression, love and compassion,” explains PAC executive director Bruce Richman in a press release about the campaign’s launch. “It’s a conversation starter that goes beyond viral suppression. We are grateful to Dee Connor, Katie Willingham, Kaleb Anderson and Fernando De Hoyos for sharing their stories and to ViiV Healthcare for their support on this important campaign.”

Although the videos are in English, subtitles are available in Chinese, French, Filipino, English and Spanish. All four videos stories are posted in this article, but you can watch (and share) all the videos on the +series YouTube channel here.

But there’s more. On, you’ll find customizable posters and GIFs based on the four first-person stories. Organizations can add up to four logos to each poster as well as additional text—or choose from nine prewritten sentences about U=U.

Four posters can be customized in English and SpanishCourtesy of

Here’s how explains the campaign:

Because no two stories of living with HIV and finding out about U=U are the same, we bring you a series of first-person experiences of love, struggle, doubt, happiness and strength. Four people candidly share their real stories. Four artists have worked with the storytellers to create original artwork inspired by their stories.

You can customize and download the artwork to help share the great news about getting to and staying undetectable to stay healthy and stop new transmissions!

If you listen to the four stories, you’ll see why the U=U message is so important to share. Katie, a transgender woman and mother, sums it up nicely.

“When I first heard the undetectable equals untransmittable message, it changed my life,” she says in the video above. “Before that, I was always feeling like the world was better off without me. The message that undetectable equals untransmittable was exactly what I needed to hear to become my best. I could be a mom again. I could date again without the fear of intimacy. I felt human again just from hearing that U=U.”

You can also download and share GIFs from +series.Courtesy of