Heard any of these?...

Douching after sex can prevent getting pregnant or contracting an STI.
It can actually increase the risk of pregnancy and STIs because douching shoots a liquid mixture into the vagina, propelling sperm and bacteria further into the uterus.

A man who sleeps with women would never have sex with another man.
Ten percent of straight men report they’ve had sex with men. But who they’ve slept with isn’t the issue; it’s whether they’ve practiced safer sex. Honesty is key—and always use condoms to protect the both of you.

If two people trust each other and have been together awhile, they can forgo condoms.
Trust is not enough. Even after both partners may test negative for HIV, this is no guarantee that neither is, in fact, HIV-negative. The HIV virus is not detectable for three months after infection, and this is precisely when a person is most liable to infect others.

After age 60, men need Viagra to get erect.
Healthy men can have erections well into their elder years. Erectile problems might signal an underlying medical condition and should be evaluated by a physician.

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