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Senate GOP Health Care Bill Is “Disastrous” for People With HIV, Hepatitis

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This is not reporting. This is hand picking quotes from biased sources that support a pre-determined position. While I am a follower and I support this site, I believe that it is shameful that fear-mongering and editorializing are the majority of the content here. Useful information and legitimately researched articles would be much more beneficial to the community as a whole than partisan policy bashing. Clouding the waters with half truths does not benefit anyone.

July 4, 2017 Charleston, sc


I may be stuck on go, but I think the answer Lies with BIG PHARMA. I also think we need to to be more concern with our country as a whole. I mean, these nuts are wanting to pay people to take their meds. When did our people get so low as to refuse to take care of themselves without an incentive? Disgusting!

June 28, 2017 Texas


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