What do you get when you add hot weather to relaxer-straightened black hair? Dry strands. That’s why it’s important to protect your delicate tresses from intense sun exposure. These hair-health tips from iVillage.com shed light on how to do it.

•Treat hair to a deep conditioner treatment at least once a month for 15 minutes. Thoroughly rinse the treatment and then style as usual. For extra protection, apply a leave-in conditioner with special ultraviolet (UV) filters to screen out damaging sunlight.

•Apply a daily moisturizing cream that contains sunscreen and is made for chemically treated hair.

•Cover your hair with a scarf or wear a hat on extremely hot days. It protects your hair from the sun.

•Consider a hairstyle change, such as pulling your hair back or braiding it, for the hottest parts of the season.

•Drink plenty of water.

•Avoid direct sunlight on your hair during peak hours—from noon to 3 P.M.

•Coat your hair with a moisturizing treatment before going outdoors. This can help protect your hair from exposure to the sun’s blazing rays.

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