1. What is the main reason doctors recommend that people take PrEP?

  • To reduce the risk of getting HIV from sex or injection drug use
  • To reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to another person
  • To protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

 2. Who are the best candidates for PrEP?

  • Everyone should consider PrEP.
  • Everyone who doesn’t have HIV should consider PrEP.
  • Those who are at risk of getting HIV should consider PrEP.

3.  Once you start PrEP, when should you visit your provider again?

  • After starting PrEP, you needn’t see your provider again for this med.
  • After you start PrEP, visit your provider every three months for follow-up testing for HIV.
  • Once you’re taking PrEP, you don’t have to see your provider unless you want to stop the medication.

4. Why should people continue to use condoms if they’re taking PrEP?

  • Condoms plus PrEP offer the best protection against contracting HIV and other STIs.
  • To avoid acquiring HIV and not get pregnant
  • Both of the above

(Answers: 1-a., 2-c., 3-b. and 4-c.)