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N.Y. Appeals Court Rules Saliva With HIV Not a Deadly Weapon

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Stacey D

I am HIV+ and have be shown that it would take 10 gallons of saliva to come ant where near close to getting HIV from it. I think that because people have forgotten that there is an issue with HIV/AIDS that when anything comes up in the news about it it is like the first time they are hearing about it. And i mean that with all my heart, Our schools are not letting agencies in to teach our children about safe sex.

June 19, 2012 Mountain Grove


I hope this opens the door to changing the manner of prosecution for HIV related crimes to match with scientific data and uses the law correctly rather than being a discrimintory punishment against the HIV "boogeyman". Now to see laws and prosecution that uphold personal choice and responsibility, which are reflective of protecting the freedoms we Americans have our legal system intended for.

June 9, 2012 West Coast

Jeton Ademaj

well now! like i said here last month, this could (and did) turn out to be a good thing!

it's odd how few people understand the legal process...if there's a wrong-headed decision being appealed, and the appeal is accepted, that means that there's a decent chance the bad decision will be overturned.

June 8, 2012 Harlem, NYC


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