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Reinventing the Condom

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Robert Neubert

Well the strongest natural fiber is hemp. There are over 10,000 uses for the hemp plant. I would assume that you might have a good product using hemp and or whatever properties of the plant to figure this out

March 28, 2013 South burlington

gregory veney

as a member of the minority community i have heard repeatedly the same complaint about condoms. that is the size of them. they are generally too tight. and the maximum size is too long. there needs to be more affordable condoms that, with a wider verity of sizes. long and thin. short but wide. this might help decrease the more common reasons for not using protection.

March 27, 2013 tampa


I think it would be awesome if they could somehow develop a type of liquid or gel capsule suppository that could be inserted inside the vagina or anus that when applied, could form a thin layer of polymer on the inside and outside walls of either parts in order to protect against unwanted pregnancy, STIs and HIV of course. It could be done in private and it would limit those heat of the moment "transactions" lol. There could be another suppository that dissolves the layer after the act.

March 26, 2013

Jeton Ademaj

well, good luck. it's better later than never. hopefully some org applying for these grants will actually reach out SPECIFICALLY to people that despise condoms, AND aim for a design that's BETTER than raw sex. i also hope that no grants are given to orgs that don't appreciate how badly most people hate condoms...or that focus on stupidities like the condom WRAPPER. a recent ACTUPBETA blog post about these grants started out by calling men "idiots" for hating condoms. how ironically idiotic!

March 25, 2013 Harlem, NYC


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