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Many Nutritional Supplements Make False Claims

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This is terrifying! I really hope that the FDA gets a handle on these companies as many people don't realize what they're ingesting....

October 30, 2012

Joe, Switzerland

The problem is that even many medications make false claims... and are dangerous. More than the majority of nutritional supplements.

October 17, 2012


They would be researched further if the Pharmaceutical companies funded them. However, this is not the case. Some Natural remedies cannot be owned, therefore no money to be made. Who wants to research something that will not make money? And oh my goodness lets face it, we are not told about the long term side effects of the tablets WE are one - that ARE researched. It's a crazy world out there. Listen to nobody. Do the research yourself.

October 17, 2012 Wollongong


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