Check out these tasty combos:

Broccoli and tomatoes
Tomato’s lycopene and broccoli’s glucosinolates, both thought to be cancer-fighters, may prevent prostate tumor growth when eaten together.

Try steamed broccoli with this pasta sauce: sautéed chopped tomatoes in olive oil with salt, pepper and a little minced garlic and parsley.

Apples and grapes
When the quercetin in apples and catechin in grapes are consumed simultaneously, your blood platelets are less likely to clump and clog your arteries.

Try both in a fruit salad drizzled with some orange juice and a lemon spritz.

Kidney beans and bell peppers
The vitamin C in peppers helps absorb the iron found in kidney beans, giving you a boost of energy.

Try bell peppers sautéed over brown rice. Add the beans toward the end to maintain their crunch.