Don’t you hate it when you awaken to see your pillow has flattened and frizzed up a fierce ’do into something resembling roadkill? Yes? Then check out these popular bedtime hair-care routines from and that can relieve you of spending morning hours stressing about putting your tresses in their place.

Save a wash and go. Use a sprayer or mister to slightly dampen your hair and then put on a shower cap. Next, don a satin scarf or bonnet. The shower cap keeps curls from drying in a flattened position, and the plastic traps warmth from your head to lock in moisture—yeah, kinda like a greenhouse effect. Meanwhile, the satin cloth stops your hair from rubbing on the pillow to avoid the dreaded frizzies. When you wake up, simply style those curls easily into place.

Another option is to loosely plait your hair before going to sleep—but stop the braid an inch or two from the end to preserve the tips of your curls. (Don’t forget to tie on that satin bonnet after plaiting.)

Save a twist-out. Apply pomade or gel around the edges of your hair. This means a less unruly morning hairline. Then, twist your hair into large sections or put your tresses into a pineapple (no, not the fruit—although that sounds interesting!). OK, to pineapple your mane, bend over like you’re trying to touch your toes and gather your hair at the top of your head with a satin scrunchy. Then, put on your satin bonnet or scarf, and you’re ready to catch some zzz’s.

Save a straight ’do. If you have a press and curl, wind sections of hair around your fingers up to the scalp then pin. Continue until your whole head is done. Simply undo the curls in the morning and style hair. If you have a relaxed straight hair, create a bowl effect around your head (a.k.a. a wrap). Use your comb to create a part from your crown area to your hairline (place the part wherever you’d like it to be once the style is combed out). Next, comb your hair clockwise or counterclockwise up and around your head, making sure hair stays flat to the scalp. Brush tresses, using the same motion used to comb hair down, and use clips or pins to hold hair in place. Secure your wrapped hair with a scarf tied around your hair. Remove clips or pins and comb out tresses in the morning.

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