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Was the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Created in a Lab Using HIV Genes?

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Was Tom Cotton saying that just because it originated in China? Fear of China perhaps... Scaremongering of China. Yeah, they shut him down, but was he made to put out the fear or did he think that bit up himself? Similar fears were written of by other about HIV originating in an American research lab. Similar has been written of about Ebola, etc. And others have suggested that the US released the new Coronavirus in China. Anyway, let's not silence people.

February 11, 2020 UK


How utterly stupid to phrase it that way in the title! ???? How about: Coronavirus gene sequences is found in MANY other viruses, one of them is HIV." Rather than letting title-reading-only morons run amuck and start conspiracy MORE theories to further add stigma to HIV!????????????????

February 5, 2020 NJ


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