People with hepatitis C often have one thing in common besides the virus that causes drastic harm to the liver: problems getting their insurance companies to pay for expensive treatments that can cure them.

The prices of drugs that offer the most effective therapies for hep C cost almost $100,000 or more. These meds also come with restrictive insurance requirements that make it difficult for patients to qualify for the coverage they need to get these treatments.

One woman, Lucinda K. Porter, a nurse who blogs about her experience living with hep C for Hep magazine, urges that people who were denied treatment in 2015 to “resubmit in 2016.”

In addition, Porter suggests people living with hep C find out what’s in their health plans, discuss their symptoms with their docs, appeal all denials, and advocate for themselves by complaining to their insurance companies and their state’s insurance commissioners.

Adds Porter on her blog, “Complain loud, in print and often.”