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Minnesota Appeals Court Reverses HIV Conviction

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It as stupid as to convict someone who gave herpes o genital wart... if you go on unprotected sex you must be responsible abuot your own acts... Here in mexico, the law and the human rights dont obligate yourself to disclose your HIV status.... fait or not you should real "A Brave New Worl" porm Aldous Huxley about haw this exact of laws can severe human free will an responsability fron their acts..

October 8, 2012


OMG,,, our justice system doing something right for a change.. i am happy for you Mr. Rick,,

October 5, 2012 Los Angeles


In a family court in the UK my ex asked for a finding of fact I gave her HIV. It was made by the judge - it was a crazy decision based on speculation and no medical evidence. However, when we launched appeal, and a date given for Royal Court of Justice appearance - they withdrew their defence for the appeal on advice I would guess from Queen's council that it would be overturned. I don't know where it came from, but the law is just not safe

October 4, 2012 uk


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