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Twitter Banned My Company From Promoting Safe Condom Use

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Lark Jarvis

It speaks for itself. I would've expected that sort of ignorance from a state like, say, Texas.

July 6, 2014 Livingston, Texas

Melissa White

While I understand that it might appear like this is a FOR-PROFIT issue. It isn't. #1 Other NON-PROFIT organizations (with strictly education focus) Bedsider and STD Project have come out stating that they too were blocked from safe sex messaging via Twitter's ad platform. (Read at RH Reality Check) #2 This is about positive Sexual Health messaging being banned. #3 Lucky Bloke's model is based on education first. If your condom fits and feels good - you're likely to wear it. That saves lives.

June 13, 2014


Twitter refusing to allow condom ads might be good because people won't think of having sex as much if they don't see or hear about condoms.

June 12, 2014 Prince George, BC


Keep in mind, Twitter still allows non-profit organizations with a Safer Sex focus to "promote" posts. Just ask "The National Campaign" and the CDC. What happened here is a FOR-PROFIT company was denied advertisements based on the PRODUCTS they sell. Twitters policies are geared towards PRODUCTS. Not towards the notion of safe sex. Stop turning your "business loss" into a "cause."

June 12, 2014 Tampa, FL


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