Poison control centers across the United States say they’ve gotten thousands of calls about kids accidentally eating those popular new laundry detergent pods. But the problem with pods isn’t only that kids are ingesting them: Findings published in the journal Pediatrics confirm that, last year, the brightly colored capsules poisoned more than 17,000 kids under age 6, CNN wire reports.

According to the report, between March 2012 and April 2013, the detergent packs poisoned about one child each hour. The pods, which experts say can easily be mistakened for candy, caused kids who ate them to suffer respiratory distress or violent fits of vomiting. In addition, if the detergent gets into children’s eyes, it can cause severe irritation and even a temporary loss of vision.

Doctors said there must be much more of an effort—by parents and detergent companies alike—to prevent small children from getting their hands on these pods.

Whether that means safer product packaging and labeling, or keeping the detergent pods out of a child’s reach at home, medical experts overwhelmingly agree that more needs to be done to ensure that these detergent packs won’t harm kids.

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