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A New Day in Health Care Coverage

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This woman is lucky her boss is incompetent or she would e out of a job. Never has there been such incompentence in a Presidential Administration.

February 14, 2014 Eatontown


I, signed up Thru Access Health, Connecticut,..Medicaid and Received a Confirmation Letter That I am Covered, as of Janruary 01, 2014 byt it is February 04 2014..and have not received, Eligibility Card to give to Providers ? Called Husky Health and they said, because of the Numbers (Thousands) of people, they are behind mailing out the Cards LOL Here in Connecticut, they have given the job of putting people in the Systemto the Dept of Social Services who already where behind in their work ? LOL

February 4, 2014 Danielson, Connecticut, 06239


I too am so disappointed in the glee of reporting this. It is not going to do anything for those that can't afford the insurance to begin with .Poz please report on the whole truth of the nature of things to come not what is so picturesque .

January 8, 2014 nashville


what no one is saying is that under the aca,hiv and aids treatment meds are not covered with an affordable copay. this leaving those infected still with out treatment unless you can afford the platinum plan which most all in the program can not .

January 8, 2014 nashville


How generic could you be? Nothing about how HIV meds will be made affordable through the ACA for those on a state exchange? Shame on POZ for featuring a press release and prominently featuring it without any Q&A from your reporters!

January 3, 2014


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