Looking forward to Halloween festivities with the family? First, make sure this year’s holiday is a healthy haunt and not downright dangerous. These seven safety tips from ABC News will keep your spirits spooky but safe:

1) Avoid Crazy Contact Lenses
Those red-eyed or cat-lensed contacts might look cool, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says over-the-counter lenses aren’t worth the risk. They can cause serious eye disorders and infections that may lead to blindness.

2) Check Your Makeup
The FDA suggests testing any Halloween makeup on a small patch of skin a few days before costume hour. Irritating cosmetics can leave wounds, scars or rashes that last long after Halloween night. Also, always check makeup labels for unapproved ingredients.

3) Ditch Dark, Dangly Outfits
When picking out a costume for your kids, choose something bright or use reflective tape to stay visible after dark. Also, make sure costumes fit properly and are made of flame-resistant materials (such as polyester and nylon) to avoid tripping over and getting burned by flickering jack-o-lantern flames while trick-or-treating.

4) Steer Clear of Vision-Obscuring Masks
Many masks limit peripheral vision and can cause breathing difficulties in both adults and children, says the American Academy of Pediatrics. Consider makeup, hats or wigs instead.

5) Leave Carving to the Grown-ups
Pumpkin carving is not a craft for small children. Instead, let your kids draw out jack-o-lantern designs that adults can then cut out. And when lighting your lanterns, choose a glow stick or battery-powered light instead of candles.

6) Toss Tricky Treats
The FDA suggests parents inspect all candy bags before letting their kids dig in. Remove risky treats and anything that hasn’t been wrapped. Not sure about something? Get rid of it.

7) Avoid Candy Overload
Eat a healthy meal before trick-or-treating to avoid on-the-go snacking. And consider rationing your children’s sweets for the next few weeks, especially black licorice. This Halloween favorite can cause potassium deficiencies and heart problems if consumed in large amounts.