Unlike hair-growth potions and pills, Lhx2 makes no fancy claims and doesn’t cost you a bundle, but researchers discovered that this gene indeed causes hair to grow, according to recent study findings published in the web edition of the scientific journal PLoS Genetics and reported by Science Daily.

In the study, researchers at Umea University in Sweden identified Lhx2, called a transcription factor, as a key hair growth regulator. The scientists found that the Lhx2 gene is active during the hair follicle’s growth phase, but is shut down during its inactive period.

To confirm the role Lhx2 plays in hair growth, the researchers inactivated the gene in hair follicles. As a result, hair follicles were unable to produce hair.

In addition, when the scientists activated Lhx2 in hair follicles, the gene sparked the hair’s growth phase, leading to the creation of those fragile strands people crave.

Previous research in this area did not identify the important role of Lhx2 in hair growth and its location in an area where hair follicle stem cells reside, according to researchers.

Now if only they could bottle the gene for sale, someone would make a bundle.

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