If you like the great outdoors, then the cold gusts of late autumn and winter winds may not faze you. But breeze-blown curls can sustain major damage from frequent or severe wind. Just ask sistas from Chicago. How can you maintain healthy locks amidst nonstop gales? Several tips from CurlyNikki.com make wind-withstanding styles and routines look easy and breezy.

Create a windy-season hair-care regimen. When you’re living in a region where strong wind is more than just a once-in-awhile occurrence, it’s vital to factor this into your hair maintenance routine. Avoid heat tools, such as blow-dryers or flatirons. And deep condition your hair at least once each week during dry, cold winter months. Also hydrate curls with a leave-in conditioner after each wash.

Clip hair back or slick into place. This way you can still sport a semi-down curly style. You can also secure a sleek updo with your favorite barrette or hair clip. But if that doesn’t do the trick, coat your hair with a strong-hold pomade. After hair dries and is styled, the pomade protects your strands from being blown every which way. For even more secure tresses, cross two bobby pins into an “X” pattern to hold strands down.

Wrap it up or braid it down. Confine your hair with a colorful wrap or a trusty headband to keep your mane protected on stormy days. Another option? Braids—they’re more durable during blustery weather.

You can build a healthy hair regimen in three key steps. Click here to read more.