You may think that privileged, white teenage girls are the ones who typically struggle with bulimia, but a new study finds that African-American girls are 50 percent more likely than white girls to be bulimic.

In a 10-year survey of more than 2,300 girls, researchers from the University of Maryland and Universitat de Autònoma de Barcelona found that about 2.6 percent of black girls were clinically bulimic, compared with 1.7 percent of white girls. Findings also revealed that girls from families in the lowest income bracket were significantly more likely to experience bulimia than their wealthier peers.

USC college economist Michelle Goeree explained: “Girls with an eating disorder who are African American or come from low-income families are much less likely to be diagnosed. Who goes to the hospital? Those who have insurance. Who tends to have insurance? Wealthier, better-educated people.”

Enough said!