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Gene Therapy Cure Claims Are Premature, Advocates Say

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Early into reading this article I thought, "Ponzi scheme - one that Ponzi himself would be proud of". I kept thinking this throughout, despite being open to seeing otherwise. I think that it takes having seen Ponzi schemes to be able to recognise them live in action.

September 8, 2020 UK

Andrew F

why does this magazine and so much of the HIV establishment seem recalcitrant towards an HIV cure? Yes, this team is clearly sensationalistic. But someone, somewhere is going to need to drum up interest and support for a cure. Bluntly speaking, all the HIV establishments seem to do anymore is drum up support for one pharmaceutical company. I agree with the other commenter that this article (another) hit job against a company that is, at the very least, trying.

August 27, 2020 Cleveland OH


I say no never been duped. Been poz for 31 years and dont believe anything anybody says about a cure. Actions speak louder than data......... after 31 years I give up, come on really. If this was a straight peoples problem a cure would have been found many years ago. Just look at covid and how paniced they are to get a vaccine...... they dont care , come on.

August 20, 2020


Time and time again we get totally premature announcements of a potential cure that have no basis in reality. This is just another pitch to the share market.

August 18, 2020

John J

This is a very disappointing article. A total drive-by on a research team clearly committed to advancing cure research. Liz, there are six Martin Delaney collaboratories which are scrambling to roll over their funding this year. Why no National HIV Cure Champion? Why no National HIV Cure Strategy? Louella’s defeatHIV colleagues have no HIV cure candidate remotely near FDA Phase 1 trials - why? At least interview Deeks if you’re going to attempt to offer an informed critique of AGT’s strategy!

August 14, 2020 New York


Yes, they are premature, but this is the best hope we've ever had. I don't see any other human trials to try and cure HIV. And let's be very clear, some of these HIV advocates don't have anything else in life. Once HIV is cured, thousands of people will need to find a new line of work. The HIV gravy train won't be derailed anytime soon. Until then, I'm taking whatever I can to try and flush out the viral reservoir.

August 14, 2020 OKC


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