Sure the economy is tanking but don’t down a box of donuts obsessing over it. Nutrition experts are worried that tough times will make Americans turn to cheap, high-calorie, high-comfort, high-fat foods. According to a recent study by the International Food Information Council, price is the number one concern for cash-strapped consumers. contributors Bonnie Taub-Dix, a registered dietitian, and Lisa Young, author of The Portion Teller Plan, offer this advice on healthy eating that’s easy on the pockets.

  • Shop smart and be creative when shopping on a budget. For example, protein is usually an expensive part of a meal, but you don’t need too much of it. Scale back and opt for frozen, canned or fresh veggies and add some protein such as chicken chunks or whole grain pasta.
  • Don’t be lured by the dollar menu when eating out, unless the item comes in a smaller portion.  For example, Dunkin Donuts is offering a 99 cents latte promo. This deal works because it’s a smaller size with fewer calories.
  • When dining at fast food eateries, have a salad or grilled chicken. Taub-Dix reminds us it’s not just about the money you’re spending now; it’s the value of your health later.

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