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N.Y. State Republicans Defeat HIV Affordable Housing Bill

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Stephen,Manhattan- It is really snarky of you to place AIDS/Mental Health as reasons for SSDI/SSI. There are thousands of reasons to need SSDI. HOPWA (Housing Assistance for People With AIDS is a HUD program. And no, one does not automaticaly qualify for housing assistance because of receiving SSDI. It is very difficult to get on these programs, HUD included, because of the current economic/political climate of our country. Open your mind and heart. No one wants AIDS to get to live in NYC.

June 19, 2012


Isn't AIDS and Mental Illness two ways you would qualify for SSDI, and under SSDI you would be entitled to the HUD Housing Formula. If you are not on SSDI, I agree with the vote. To me that sends the message want to live in Manhattan, go out have unsafe sex and you can qualify to affordable housing. People on SSDI, with AIDS and Mental Illness are wait lists for housing as it is now.

June 17, 2012 Manhattan


Another reason to vote for democrats , and to vote for Obama for president, Republicans only care for rich people

June 15, 2012 Miami


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