Dancing—with or without the stars—is “the 100 percent workout,” says Yvette Campbell, general classes director for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. “You move every muscle in your body, your heart rate goes up—and you listen to great music.” Campbell helped RH break down four trendy dance styles. All relieve stress, build stronger hearts, lungs and bones, and can be adapted to your fitness level. Step to it!

BELLY DANCING Incorporates bends, belly rolls and serious Shakira-style hip shakes.
Good for Flexibility and posture; tightens the lower body, abs, arms and shoulders
Burns Up to 300 calories an hour
Level Low intensity. Anyone can do it, even those with rickety knees and ankles.

HIP HOP Kicks, grinds, turns and pops choreographed to Beyoncé and other faves
Good for Weight loss and coordination
Burns Up to 450 calories an hour
Level Low, moderate or high intensity depending on the class, but anyone can pump it up. “[Fifty-something] Gayle King took a beginner’s hip-hop class at Ailey,” Campbell says, “and had a great time.”

WEST AFRICAN With pounding drums and music from the Motherland, this genre emphasizes large movements using the shoulders, chest and hip and leg muscles.
Good for Weight loss; tightening the quads, buns and thighs
Burns Up to 600 calories per hour
Level High intensity. “There’s a lot of jumping,” Campbell warns, so if you have bad knees, ankles or back try a lower-impact style like samba or Afro-Caribbean.

CAPOEIRA Brazilian-style kicks and cartwheels; think break dancing meets martial arts.
Good for Strength and agility; toning thighs; learning self-defense
Burns Up to 600 calories per hour
Level High intensity. Best for those who are fi t. “There are lots of deep lunges and knee movements,” says Campbell, so it may not be for those with leg and joint issues.

Guy tip Brothers dance too! You’ll be in good company at hip-hop and capoeira classes—or check out tap and salsa.

Not ready to expose your moves in a class? Boogie at home with these screen workouts

Rock Your Body With Jamie King (DVD; $14.98)
The music is techno-punk, but the challenging moves are all hip hop.

World Dance Workout starring Elsa Leandros (DVD; $19.98)
This moderate workout involves belly dancing, Bollywood rhythms, salsa, samba and flamenco.

DanceDanceRevolution (video game; about $50 and up)
A fast-paced video arcade workout to housy techno beats. Great for kids! Versions of the game and a special footpad are available for home video game programs such as PlayStation.