You may soon be able to say good-bye to messy eye drops if you have dry eyes or glaucoma. Recently scientists developed a drug-dispensing contact lens that continuously delivers antibiotic medication to the eyes for over a month, reports

Researchers have worked for almost a decade to create the lens.  

“The main way our lens differs is that it can provide large amount of drug released at constant rates for long periods of time, which previous discoveries have not been able to do,” said researcher Daniel Kohane of Harvard Medical School in Boston and coauthor of a paper detailing the lens in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science.

According to, the researchers compare their lens design to a pita pocket with a substantial dose of medication placed around the lens’s exterior, creating a clear space like a donut hole in the middle through which the wearer can look.

“People had done all kinds of fancy things, but the problem with a lot of the methods was that the actual drug loading was very low. It’s not clear why no one did this before,” Kohane said. “It was very much like we invented the sandwich.”

Researchers have only tested the product in lab dishes, but they plan to conduct experiments on animals followed by testing on human beings within a year or so, Kohane said.

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