Many of us may have heard that for our bodies to digest nutrients properly we shouldn’t combine animal proteins with high-carb foods, such as bread, potatoes and sugary treats. But there’s a lack of scientific evidence to support this approach to nutrition.

Recently, however, findings from a small group study on type 2 diabetes suggested that blood sugar and insulin levels improved when meat and veggies were eaten before high-carb foods.

For the study, researchers initially measured the blood sugar and insulin levels of participants before they ate. First, scientists served participants bread and orange juice. Fifteen minutes later, the group ate skinless grilled chicken breast paired with lettuce and tomato salad and steamed broccoli with butter. After the meals, researchers calculated everyone’s blood sugar and insulin levels.

One week later, participants ate the same meals in reverse. After checking the study group’s blood sugar and insulin levels, researchers found that each measurement was lower compared with when participants ate protein and vegetables after eating bread and drinking orange juice.

The takeaway? Skip the buttered bread at the start of a meal, and reach for the meat and salad instead.