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Blue Cross of California Sued Over Specialty Pharmacies

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Robert C.

I am also insured under a BCBS Anthem policy, but in the state of GA. I am also forced to obtain my HIV meds through mail order and wonder if this is also in violation of GA law as I know that laws can vary from state to state. Whether it does or does not, I must say that it can be a huge inconvenience and I could see how delivery of meds could be a challenge for some who may face discrimination in the workplace.

January 24, 2013 Atlanta, GA


My question is how does this differ from ADAP programs? Some meds are covered and others are not so non covered meds are still done at other Pharmacies. Blue cross is trying to limit there out of pocket 5 figure monthly expenses. Lets face it Walgreen's is the most expensive Pharmacy in business, CVS second. A better way for BC to do things is set a cap on what they will pay period and if the Pharmacy refuses to honor it then they lose all BC business.

January 24, 2013 Phoenix


I am so happy to hear this. Cigna discrimates against me because I take HIV medicine and they have been forcing me to get my perscriptions from their home delivery pharmacy since July 1, 2012. They are rude when I order my Atripla Tablet and tell me that if it gets lost in the mail I will have to pay full price (They quote me the actual retail price everytime I order) and they will not bill ADAP for the copay. Everytime I refill with them I feel abused and depressed. Its time for a change.

January 24, 2013 Deltona, FL


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