Let’s face it, black hair needs TLC during the harsh winter season. But if you have natural hair that’s never been chemically straightened, you may need some extra love. What does Wright have to offer? Plenty, according to StyleList.com. He has coiffed First Lady Michelle Obama’s hair on many occasions and is SoftSheen-Carson’s resident hair styling “tress-pert.”

Johnny Wright’s Top Five Natural-Hair Styling and Maintenance Tips

      • Comb conditioner through the hair, not just [along] the perimeter, Wright
       says. Skipping conditioning can lead to matted, tangled tresses and ultimately
       hair breakage.
      • Don’t use excessive heat styling, Wright warns. The added stress could
      cause hair damage. When you heat style hair, divide it into two- to three-inch
      sections. Start at the nape of the neck, and work your way forward.
      • Always use a thermal protecting serum to layer your hair with an extra
      safety measure.
      • If you wear extensions or braids, avoid putting tension on your hairline.

     • Opt for products with more natural ingredients. They’re better for your hair,
     and the environment too.

Johnny Wright’s Top Winter Hair Care Tips

     • Treat tresses to an extra dose of moisture. This ensures hair stays healthy,
     strong and protected from winter’s cold, Wright says.
     • Pay attention to your scalp. If it’s dry or tight, soothe it with a light scalp oil
     that won’t weigh hair down. Products with natural shea butter and green tea
     improve scalp condition and promote microcirculation, Wright advises.
     • Nourish and strengthen hair. Use the right products to restore moisture
     balance to tresses and boost hair’s resistance to breakage and split ends,
     Wright says. Try a leave-in conditioner or hair oil.

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