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Black Women and Body Image: Have Your Voices Heard!

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Thank you very much for the comments. I appreciate the feedback. A second study with a wider age range is certainly an excellent idea. The reason this study is limited to women between 18-35 years is because there is substantial research to suggest that after 35, women's focus begins to shift from aesthetics to health and well being. But that would be worth investigating itself! Thank you again for your support, and spreading the word. Christina Capodilupo

July 23, 2008 New York


I was disappointed to see that it is limited in age as well. I am 37 and relatively fit. I have quite a number of friends who've maintained a relative thin body weight while others have struggled. It unfortunate this excludes this group above 35 and below 40 or 45. Ironically, I am told I look between 25-30 and definitely care to maintain a sense of youthfulness and health, i.e., very image conscious. Because 40 is the new 30, extending the age range or having a second study may be beneficial.

July 8, 2008

T. Scott

Disappointed that the study limits the age to between 18 and 35. I conduct workshops about body and image issues using collage Goddess art created by me and know women younger and older who would really like to participate and may benefit from participatione, me being one of them.

July 8, 2008

Sherrie Lynn

Great work Ms. Capodilupo. It is nice to have research to shape what we may intuitively believe to be truths. I am happy you are providing this platform for African-American women to begin to engage in informed conversations around how eating disorders impact us. Wishing you a successful project and dissertation defense.

May 30, 2008


Eating disorders are not gender, ethnic, or religion specific. Eating disorders are a human issue that anyone can face. We need to stop dividing us as a people than maybe we will begin to make greater strides as a nation.

May 6, 2008 Bayville


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