Q: How can I keep a super stressful job from putting the kibosh on my romantic relationship?

A: It’s key to first understand that difficulties at work can damage your relationship with your partner. Once you’re aware, you can make a conscious effort to control the problem.

Before you leave work, begin to mentally prepare for your return home. You can also use your commute to de-stress. Listen to some soothing music to help you relax and mellow out. Once you’re home, get comfortable, focus on your partner and ask about his or her day. Most likely, your partner will reciprocate and ask you about yours. If so, take a few minutes to share anything that stressed you out during the day. But know when to stop venting so you can refocus on your time together as a couple.

Also, get into the habit of turning off your electronic devices. Reserve your evenings at home for enjoying your partner and relaxing with other loved ones.

In addition, take some time for yourself. Soak in a tub of warm water infused with scented oils or bath salts, or stand under a soothing spray in the shower. You can also read, practice yoga, take a short walk, go for a jog, meditate or sip on a beverage of your choice.

The key is to totally unwind. Anything that relaxes you will help to alleviate the stressors that can sour intimate relationships if you’re not careful.