Q: What’s the best way to persuade my husband to take better care of his health? I don’t want to become a nag.

A: To coax your husband into taking better care of his health, try introducing the subject in a respectful, caring way. Keep the discussion clear, simple and to the point.

Many women say they don’t want to assume the role of being their men’s moms, so avoid sounding like a mother trying to get her children to do the right thing. (Translation: Don’t carp or complain about his behavior.) This is a discussion between man and wife, so let your husband know you’re concerned about him because you want your man to be in the best of health so you can enjoy each other’s company for years to come.

Once you’ve established your root reason for being worried about your husband’s health, it should be much easier to make suggestions without becoming a nag, putting him on the defensive, or getting into an argument.

Remember, when you want men—and people in general—to receive your message in a positive manner, your most persuasive tools are respect, timing, clear communication, simplicity and a warm approach that says you really care.