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Americans Get a D on HIV PrEP and an F on U=U

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First off this campaign has never been mainstream.. preached to those with HIV, which is important but how is mainstream supposed to know this if not published mainstream? Honestly I was on Positive Singles and I started talking with a guy had herpes and asked him if he knew about HIV and he said yes, you take a pill once a day and that prevents you from transmitting it. . I thought very good but you know where that came from? Came from the pharmaceutical co. Needs to be on MTV VH-1 and Bravo

September 2, 2021 Texas


The U=U campaign is a dismal failure, especially among gay men. No one really trusts it, I live with HIV and wouldn't trust anyone who says it either. Many gay men LIE obviously and no one knows if they take their meds or even if they are on meds. I you have HIV you will be stigmatized forever. Instead of worrying about it you need to learn to be at peace with it and not worry about what others think. The U=U sounds like a desperate attempt to make some like you who will never like you.

September 2, 2021


TXKEITH - Your comment is sickening. Everyone needs to know "these" facts about HIV... Otherwise, those that do not know these facts about HIV become those affected/infected by HIV. But then you are from Texas.

September 2, 2021


This is such a preachy article it's sickening. Who needs to know these facts except those affected/infected by HIV?

September 1, 2021


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