Although extensions are used by many women to get longer, or more fuller manes, these hair enhancements often do just the opposite. Extension users have complained that this added-on hair can cause their tresses to break off resulting in shorter, thinner, more damaged hair, reported a recent article.

The woman said the extensions she bought caused bald spots, and made her hair tangled and dreaded, ultimately causing damage.

But many stylists believe that hair extensions get bad press because people use them incorrectly. “What’s frustrating to me is that extensions got such a bad rep because of bad extension jobs, not necessarily because of the extensions,” said Vered Valensi, the owner of Vered Salon, a boutique style salon in West Hollywood, California.

Valensi advised those who want to get extensions to do their research and be prepared to get the best product and installation. What’s more, she stressed that extension users must be careful handling their natural hair to avoid damage.

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