MP3/iPod Workouts
What it is: A variety of workouts you can download to turn your MP3 player or iPod into a mini gym.
What we like: Wide variety of routines and fitness levels, including programs for calisthenics and use with exercise equipment.
What we wish were different: Some instructions are confusing. Yoga and Pilates are better learned in person.
What it costs: $2 to $17 per workout; weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions from $10 up. Visit,,, (iPod only).

Yourself Fitness
What it is: Interactive individualized fitness programs for PlayStation 2, Xbox or computer.
What we like: Customized workouts and a meal planner based on your profile. Includes a tutorial to help with confusing exercises.
What we wish were different: After 16 sessions, exercises start repeating.
What it costs: $34.99 and up. Visit

Exercise TV
What it is: 24/7 exercise TV on demand. Founded by Jake Steinfeld of Body by Jake, it offers varied programs, including exercise for kids, prenatal fitness and Pilates en Español.
What we like: 90 workout options!
What we wish were different: Requires digital cable from Comcast or Time Warner.
What it costs: Varies (up to $15). Visit

EyeToy Kinetic
What it is: This “virtual fitness center” tracks your movements with a camera, then shows how each workout compares to previous sessions. Choose from options including Cardio Zone, Combat, Mind/Body or Toning—and watch yourself work out as a virtual personal trainer guides you.
What we like: You can react to obstacles by punching, kicking, ducking and weaving.
What we wish were different: Requires a lot of space. In low light, the camera fails to register some movements.
What it costs: $49.99 (includes camera). Available wherever PlayStation games are sold.