Ah, the all mighty weave—these add-in tresses are fun, easy and convenient. Crave a new hair look? Wear it long, short, wavy or straight. Feeling fired up and want to change your color to match? Go right ahead. But while weaves are a great style-changing option, you should occasionally remove these nifty nouveau tresses and attend to your natural hair to keep it beautiful and healthy. CurlyNikki.com offers these three signs that let you know it’s time for a new faux-hair-using ’do.

Number one: If your own hair has grown so much that it doesn’t cover the tracks of the weaved tresses and you can’t blend the tracks into your own hair, it’s time to start over. And forget flatironing, curling or styling your hair to cover the weave tracks. Make an appointment with your stylist and get a new weave sewn in.

Number two: If you feel like the weaved-in hair is no longer attached to your scalp, it’s time for a visit to the salon. Weaved-in hair should feel secure and tight (but not hurtful) and look natural. Also, if new growth is causing matting under the weaved hair, or your sew-in doesn’t look real, it’s time for a new weave.

Number three: If your weaved hair begins shedding just as much or more than your natural tresses, if the faux hair starts to lose its wave or curl, or if it lacks luster and shine, the life of your weave has come and gone. Once again, it’s time to head back to your trusty neighborhood stylist and get your locks restored.

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