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Tennessee Law Forbids Promotion of 'Gateway Sexual Activities'

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With laws like that, Tennesseeans are just going to go back to learning about sex from their siblings and cousins. Seriously, can somebody educate TN lawmakers, or are they a lost cause? Maybe they'd prefer the old ways.

July 13, 2012 New York


Another dumb a** southern state voting for regressive political laws. These states should be denied access to all medical, biotech and technological advancements (just a pipe dream, I know). Why do gay people stay in those southern states? More, importantly why don't they vote. The southern states have the LARGEST block of gay voters of ANY region in the United States, yet so few vote. Florida has the largest gay population in the U.S. yet no unified voting block, committing virtual suicide. Tsk

May 24, 2012 Reno, NV


I think it should depend on the age of the student, if were talking about children who have no business discussing sex and sexual situations then I can understand this, but if were talking about older kids who likely don't need this anyway, really who does not know about this if you have HBO you know it all anyway.

May 23, 2012 USA


Is it better to have STD's and pregrent teenagers running around from lack of knowllage

May 22, 2012 WPB


I'm not sure these kinds of classes should be taught anyway. I think people have lived for hundreds of thousands of years without being educated on the proper way to touch genitals. I certainly figured it out and didn't need a teacher to tell me. While I don't think it should be banned necessarily, I do think I should not be funded.

May 22, 2012


I'm not getting down with the term "gateway." As in gateway drugs. It's making sex sound as though it is a shameful thing.

May 22, 2012 NYC


SexEd is supposed to be about anatomy, biology, reproduction. What are they teaching these kids? When does this religious lunacy end? We cannot continue to allow the religious right to continue to dominate issues, there won't be any intelligent conversations left.

May 22, 2012 NYC


Again another southern state embraces ignorance as a solution to a perceived problem. The young people who are most likely already sexually aware if not active are being denied informed information that may save their lives, but instead a phrase like gateway sexual behavior is embraced and legislated on, with little or no understanding of the potential harm such policy can cause, this policy is tantamount to just say no, for a group who are approaching their sexual peak.

May 22, 2012 Brooklyn


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