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HIV/AIDS 'Robin Hood Tax' on Wall Street Campaign Launches

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Frederick wright

I for one am very excited about the debates and action in moving this policy forward into law, for the USA and our global communties. I was rethinking that we can adjust this proposal for the people to our servant in the USA Congress and to our President to increase the small tax on wall street transactions to make a bit higher for non~USA corporations/investors for it would enhance a balance from the insider trading though foreign investors,just a small return in the loop holes of unjust trade.

August 6, 2012 Coachella Valley

thomas bodetti

We need to focus our efforts on domestic programs not global we have done more than enough globally, while there are thousands of HIV patients that are not able to afford medications, because of programs that are under funded, in the near future ADAP in my state will stop delivering all medications because they can no longer afford to pay for the cost of the medications, which is so high that the it bills out at 2400 per patient per month, this is ignorant and stupid, right now our clinic is out

July 30, 2012 USA

Frederick Wright

Florida guy I must address your position , first of all the concept of the people stealing from the government you have it backwards ,like your Governor Scott directing illegal obtained Medicare funds and it is rumor a secret deal is made for him to pay it all back. Many are demanding Wall Street to pay back the people and government for their corprate welfair scheme. Second this money when collected is proposed to feed,educate,and support the people,not bonuses for lawyers and bankers. Really

July 5, 2012 Coachella Vally


Just another way to tax the dumb masses in this country! Let's just run even more business out our country to foreign investments and stock exchanges to pay for something that most of us got by some irresponsible action. I would like to know how much all of the supporters of this tax have personally given. This kind of thinking has us on the way to being a 3rd world country. BTW, Robin Hood was stealing from the government of the time to give back to the people. Not robbing his neighbors!

July 3, 2012 Orlando

Timothy Brown

It's about time!

June 21, 2012 San Francisco, CA

Frederick Wight

As a Poz Amy reservist I think this tarif,,tax or service fee is a great idea. I also think that walllstreet must wake up to see that American made services like a healthie human capital that operates a safe commuity that supplies electricity,good transportation,police and firier safety, school systems, military protection,Internet support and ect.comes with a price, so these investors can keep making money piled up for their personal greed. Wake up Congress to put Americans first.

June 20, 2012 Coachelle valley


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