Restless legs syndrome (RLS)—a neurological disorder causing a strong urge to move the legs––affects certain races and genders more than others, according to a new study written about in HealthDay News. 

After interviewing 190 people for the study, researchers discovered about 12 percent of black patients suffered from RLS compared with 36 percent of those who weren’t African American.

“There are significant ethnic differences in the prevalence of restless legs syndrome, but the exact causes of higher prevalence among Caucasians are unknown,” said study author Ammar Alkhazna, MD, of the University Missouri in Kansas City. “This likely reflects a combination of factors, including a genetic predisposition to RLS, diet, including iron intake, medications and possibly culture.”

In addition, the study found that more women were likely to suffer from RLS symptoms than men because of iron deficiency and rheumatoid arthritis.

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