According to the American Stroke Association, every forty-five seconds in America, someone has a stroke. More than 157,000 people will die from a stroke this year, and 61 percent of those deaths will be women. Fortunately, the risk of stroke may be reduced by learning about the stroke risk factors and modifying those factors that can be controlled, by eating healthfully(1) and being physically active most days of the week, and working with your healthcare provider when a healthy lifestyle isn’t enough by itself. To help educate consumers about stroke risk factors and prevention, General Mills’ Oatmeal Crisp(R) cereal has become a national supporter of the American Stroke Association’s Power To End Stroke campaign.

Working Together to End Stroke

The American Stroke Association and Oatmeal Crisp(R) cereal are working to increase stroke awareness, particularly within the groups that face the greatest risk. Because the risk of stroke doubles for each decade of life after age 55, Baby Boomers face an increased risk. “While many Boomers are at increased risk for stroke, African American Boomers are often at even greater risk, because more of them have risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes,”
said Edgar Kenton, M.D., neurologist and national spokesperson for the ASA and PTES campaign. As a supporter of the American Stroke Association’s Power To End Stroke campaign, Oatmeal Crisp is helping to reach African Americans with information and tools to reduce their risk and to recognize the warning signs of stroke, in hopes of increasing stroke survival and recovery.

“Recovering from my stroke has been the biggest challenge of my life, but I’m determined to succeed,” said Mark McEwen, former “CBS Early Show” weatherman, voted one of the most trusted people in America. After his stroke, McEwen took a leave of absence from his job as Orlando’s WKMG Local 6 anchor. Now, as a stroke survivor and American Stroke Association volunteer, McEwen is determined to share his story and help save lives. “Every day, I eat healthier, exercise and take my medications because now I really understand the difference it makes.”

Fighting Stroke with a Healthy Breakfast

In addition to its support of the American Stroke Association, Oatmeal Crisp(R) cereal offers Baby Boomers two delicious cereals that can be part of a healthier lifestyle, including a heart-healthy diet, physical activity and effective treatment of risk factors, to help Boomers reduce their risk of stroke. Available in stores nationwide, General Mills is re-launching Oatmeal Crisp(R) Hearty Raisin cereal and introducing new Oatmeal Crisp(R) Maple Brown Sugar cereal, two delicious ways to start off the day following a healthy eating plan, high in whole grains and low in saturated fat and sodium. A plan with which consumers may potentially lower their cholesterol and blood pressure, and may help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Rather than settling quietly into retirement, many Baby Boomers are launching into an exciting new phase of their lives, full of activity and possibilities. However, in order to get the most out of this new phase, they need more information and options to help them increase their cardiovascular health while also enjoying their lives.
Responding to Baby Boomers’ growing demand for increased health-conscious cereal choices to fuel their adventures, General Mills made the decision to re-launch special flavors of Oatmeal Crisp(R) cereal with the health benefits consumers are looking for.

“Baby Boomers want more choices that allow them to improve their health, while at the same time enjoying great flavor. We redefined these Oatmeal Crisp(R) flavors to meet their needs perfectly,” said Eric Treschuk, marketing manager for Oatmeal Crisp(R) cereal. “With Oatmeal Crisp(R) Hearty Raisin and Oatmeal Crisp(R) Maple Brown Sugar, Baby Boomers can enjoy variety, great taste and all the health benefits they are seeking in a cereal.”

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