The summer is full of photo-worthy events: bright beach days, romantic sunset weddings, brunches, barbecues and more. To get your hair read yfor a close-up—no matter what the event— suggests you follow these five simple steps:

Step 1: Condition your hair.

Kick-start the process with a pre-shampoo treatment. A conditioning treatment is highly recommended because it keeps hair from swelling when water is absorbed too quickly. A conditioning treatment also helps strands absorb and capture even more conditioner when you’re in the shower. Start by making your own with pantry products such as coconut oil.

Step 2: Clean through and through.

To get shiny, fluffy, healthy hair, start clean. First, choose a product that’s right for your hair—this means a gentle, moisturizing, pH-balanced shampoo to remove dirt without stripping away your hair’s natural cuticle oils. Then, shampoo your hair. Make sure you massage the scalp and work shampoo through the strands to dislodge and wash away any residue or dirt. Rinse and repeat.

Step 3: Deep condition.

Deep treatments help smooth out and patch up the cuticles of your curly strands to help protect your hair from humidity (no more frizzy hair attacks). But what’s key to a successful deep conditioning treatment is patience. Take time to apply the product as thoroughly as you would a relaxer or a color treatment, and make sure strands are saturated from root to tip. (And don’t forget the crown of the head and base of the neck.)

Step 4: Time to shine.

The more light reflects off hair, the more moisturized tresses appear, in person and in pictures. Straight hair doesn’t need much help to shine, but coils and curls don’t have as much surface area and need a little shimmer boost. Opt for a shine glaze product that’s made to prolong the life of color treatments but also adds sheen to your hair’s natural color.

Step 5: Style.

Opt for a style that’s comfortable and easy to maintain during the night. After you wake up, refresh your coif, then apply a flexible-hold hair spray and get ready for your close-up.

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