A new report shows both presidential candidates desire to make health insurance accessible to Americans, however, each favors a different method. While Senator John McCain supports consumers spending their own money for health insurance, Senator Barack Obama prefers that employers—except those running small businesses—either provide coverage or contribute to the cost.

But what would either candidate’s health insurance plan mean for us? Well, let’s do the math. McCain’s plan would reduce the number of uninsured Americans by 1.3 million over the coming decade at a total cost of 1.3 billion. Obama’s plan would reduce the ranks of the uninsured by 34 million with a price tag of 1.63 billion.

Currently, 116 million U.S. adults are uninsured, underinsured, experiencing problems with medical bills or avoiding medical care to cut cost. “In 2009, we need a president and Congress who will work together and take action needed to transform the health system,” says Karen Davis, president of The Commonwealth Fund.