It’s time to start fresh. Ready for a new hair regimen to match up with that new diet program, but want to keep things uncomplicated? Check out these six steps from
Newsflash: It’s important to moisturize hair between washes. This is key to keeping tresses thick, luscious, and shiny. To feed those parched strands (and prevent breakage) moisturize once per day or at least 4 times per week. Simply spritz hair with water then apply your favorite oil as a sealant, or pick up a beauty store product with a sealant mixed in.
This simple step helps your hair retain length, so don’t skip it! To remove tangles, use your fingers to gently and softly pull apart knotted hair. Shave some time off the process by detangling tresses in the shower when hair is loaded with conditioner.
Dirt and oil can clog hair follicles, stunt growth, kill shine and, in extreme cases, do scalp damage. Cleanse your hair at least once each week, and do scalp massages to promote circulation and growth.  
Go ahead, pamper yourself. After a thorough wash, condition hair with simple, natural products, such as olive oil or even mashed up banana. This strengthens and fortifies strands so they stay healthy all year long.
Deep Condition
Treat yourself to a deep condition once every three or four weeks. Mix up a homemade concoction of natural oils then massage in. This restores and regenerates strands and helps undo styling damage too.
Leave-in Condition
Yes, do this even after you deep condition. Apply a pH-balanced leave-in conditioner to close hair shaft cuticles and ensure all the good you’ve done doesn’t go down the drain. The payoff? Hair is left soft, less dry, brittle and breakage-prone.

Now that you’ve retooled your hair regimen, here’s a sleep-time schedule to go with it. Click here to read more.