Hair a little dull and lackluster? Check. Is your beauty closet packed with preservative-laden products? Check. Well, then, it’s time to get back to basics: Moisturize those tresses with some all-natural oils. Just head on over to your grocery and pick some of nature’s most effective hair-hydration helpers. (They’re all edible, too.) Here’s your shopping list, courtesy of Coco and Crème.

Avocado Oil
Why: Avocados are delicious and packed with good-for-your-insides-and-outsides vitamins and minerals. Let the fruit’s luscious oil lock in moisture, tame thinning hair and soothe an irritated scalp. Use this superstar oil as a deep conditioner, shampoo or hair mask. Just remember, it works best in combination with other oils.

Castor Oil
Why: This natural humectant is a heavyweight oil rich in omega-9 fatty acids that helps prevent dry scalp and lock in moisture. (Many swear it even stimulates hair growth!) Castor oil also boasts anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that protect the scalp from infection. Use it to strengthen individual strands, condition the scalp and prevent breakage and hair loss.

Coconut Oil
Why: Folks from the Caribbean are very familiar with this yummy oil that also doubles as a head-to-toe beautifier. Coconut oil reduces hair’s protein loss, thickens tresses, moisturizes split ends and rejuvenates overworked hair. Use it sparingly as a styling aid and say good-bye to flyaways!

Olive Oil
Why: Olive oil isn’t just for salads. This gorgeous green or golden oil locks moisture in your tresses and lubricates the hair cuticles. Use the lightweight oil as a pre-shampoo treatment, a deep conditioner or a moisturizer. It’s great for both relaxed and natural hair. And the big bonus? Olive oil’s antioxidants help fight hair loss and thinning tresses.

Rosemary Oil
Why: This multipurpose herbal oil cleans, strengthens and boosts hair’s shine. Use it to treat dry scalp and rid yourself of pesky dandruff. Just one rosemary oil treatment leaves your hair feeling soft and silky.

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